About Histopathology

Histopathology is the microscopic study of diseased tissue. Accurate diagnosis of cancer and other diseases requires Histopathological examination of tissue samples.



During your procedure, your doctor of surgeon has removed some tissue samples or the whole lesion from your body which is sent to Perth Pathology for pathological examination.


Our state-of-the-art Laboratory

Your sample is examined by our expert pathologists, backed by Australia's leading privately owned pathology practice. Our NATA accredited laboratory uses cutting edge technology and state-of-the-art equipment in preparing your tissue sample for histological examination.


Perth Pathology has a strong commitment to quality in all aspects of our service. We aim to continuously improve our service and customer satisfaction by putting patient care first in everything we do.  Our core values support our commitment to meeting quality standards and accreditation. We maintain consistency across our network of laboratories to ensure that the same service level is experienced by our customers and patients.



Our Scientists


We employ many specially trained Scientists who are responsible for processing your tissue sample. This process alone may take up to 24 hours as the tissue will be placed in small cassettes and embedded in wax. The wax blocks are then sliced very thinly and the slices are mounted onto glass slides ready for diagnostic evaluation by a Pathologist.



Out experienced Pathologists examine all tissue samples individually. Pathologists are highly skilled, specialist medical practitioners with many years of training and experience. Our Pathologists will advise your doctor on any abnormality present in the tissue sample. This advice constitutes a tissue diagnosis and will determine your ongoing care.


Your next steps


Once complete, your results are sent back to your doctor. Occasional, it may be necessary to perform further specialised test to establish the diagnosis. Please contact your doctor to receive your results.


As a result of your procedure, an account will be sent to your home address. Your account can be claimed through Medicare or your health fund (if applicable). Please note that there may be an out of pocket expense. Health Care Card and Pension Card holders will be bulk billed and will not be sent an invoice.